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Our diaper service is your solution to

  • Not having enough time or energy to do extra loads of laundry
  • Late night and last minute trips to the store to buy more disposable diapers
  • An overflowing garbage can filled with stinky diapers that will end up in our landfills
  • Wanting a healthier, chemical free diaper option

Little Rumpkins takes the necessary and inevitable task of handling dirty diapers and makes it convenient and easy for you! Our service allows you to free up some additional time during the day to spend with your baby instead of in the laundry room doing extra loads of wash or in the car making added trips to the store to restock your disposable diaper stash.

What you get from Little Rumpkins

  • Clean and sanitized cloth diapers that are professionally laundered
  • Once a week pick-up and delivery of  diapers right to your door
  • Continuous, personalized support from a diapering expert

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Research shows there are added benefits to using cloth diapers

Healthier For Baby – our diapers are made of cotton and are professionally washed to meet healthcare standards. This means all cleaning solutions are removed to avoid any skin irritations from contact. Frequent testing is done at the laundry facility to ensure the validity of this claim.

Better For The Environment – one baby in cloth diapers helps to keep approximately 2 tons of waste out of our landfills over the course of 2 – 2 ½ years. It takes a disposable diaper more than 500 years to decompose. Our diapers will typically last 4-6 years in our service and then sold to be used as cleaning rags for many, many years.

Fewer Diaper Rashes – cloth diapers are free of harmful chemicals that can cause irritation to baby’s sensitive skin.

Encourages Potty Training – babies who are cloth diapered typically potty train sooner and quicker because they can feel when they are wet.

Saves You Money – it is common for cloth diapered babies to be out of diapers sooner than a baby in disposable diapers saving you money from having to continue to buy more diapers

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Put us on your BABY SHOWER registry!

Let your friends and family know you will be using cloth diapers and let them gift you our service! We have cards with information about purchasing gift certificates that can be included in your baby shower invitations. Contact us and tell us how many cards you need!